Friday, 28 June 2013

The Landskrona - Ven ferry service

The Ventrafiken ferries M/S Uraniborg (left) and M/S Stjerneborg meet close to their home port Landskrona. 

The ferry service between Landskrona and Tycho Brahe's island Ven (Hven in Danish) in the middle of the Sound, is operated by Ventrafiken. The company uses two modern ferries, the brand new M/S Uraniborg and the recently rebuilt M/S Stjerneborg on the route. The crossing takes about 30 minutes.

The M/Stjerneborg approaching Landskrona.

A closer look at the M/S Stjerneborg, with a capacity of 247passengers and 11 cars.

Passengers disembarking.

From Landskrona's Citadel you have a good view of Ven.

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