Friday, 14 June 2013

MS Crystal Serenity - The third cruise ship to visit Helsingborg this season

The 250 m x 32 m Crystal Serenity, here approaching a grey Helsingborg early this morning,  offers accommodation for 1070  passengers in 535 cabins/suites. From Helsingborg the ship continues to Copenhagen in the late afternoon.

MS Crystal Serenity is the third - and most luxurious - cruise ship to visit Helsingborg this season. The Serenity and the Crystal Cruise's other ship, the MS Crystal Symphony, are highly rated in the luxury segment of the cruise market:

Beyond the company's innovative programming and ship features, it has one of the industry's highest passenger-to-staff and passenger-to-space ratios, and, perhaps not coincidentally, one of the most loyal repeat passenger bases afloat. There's a huge positive to Crystal's biggest-ships-in-luxury-class status as well; there are simply far more options, in terms of entertainment, socializing, casinos, spa and fitness facilities, activities and enrichment opportunities, than there are on its smaller luxury brethren. 

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