Monday, 27 May 2013

Swans and ships

Tonight there was a rather special light, as the sun was partially blocked by one quite large dark cloud. The Sound was full of sea birds, quite a few with chicks. Below a couple of images with swans and ships.

A swan in Hittarp with Holland America Line's M/S Rotterdam and Swiss cargo ship Romandie in the background  approaching Helsingborg/Helsingør

Swans and other birds at the Hittarp reef, with M/S Rotterdam in the backround. 

A cargo ship approaching Hittarp and a swan.

The Polish schooner Kapitan Borchardt (30 m x 7 m) was also going northward in the  Sound. 

Just a few minutes earlier, the Kapitan Borchardt passed Hamlet's Kronborg  castle. 


I added this closer look at the beautiful Kapitan Borchardt.

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