Monday, 15 April 2013

George and Hanna Pauli - a celebrated Swedish artist couple in the early 1900s

George and Hanna Pauli on July 2, 1905.

The home of Swedish painters George Pauli (1855 - 1935 and Hanna Hirsch-Pauli (1864 - 1940), who married in 1887, was a very popular gathering place for Stockholm's cultural elite in the early 1900s. On 2 July 1905, the couple invited their closest friends to their summer house in the Stockholm archipelago in order to celebrate Georg Pauli's 50th birthday.

George and Hanna Pauli with friends on July 2, 1905 in the Stockholm archipelago.

George Pauli, who also was a writer, specialized in monumental wall paintings (e.g. the Gothenburg City Museum, the Stockholm Royal Opera house and the Royal Institute of Technology).

"A French confirmand" by George Pauli
(image wikipedia)

Hanna Pauli, who later came to overshadow her husband as a painter, is above all remembered for her exquisite portraits.

Hanna Pauli's famous 1887 portrait of her artist friend, Finnish painter Venny Soldan. The portrait is now on display at the Gothenburg art museum.


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