Saturday, 6 April 2013

A busy late Friday afternoon in Øresund

Yesterday was a busy late afternoon for ships in Øresund. Below is a selection of the ships which passed Helsingborg/ Helsingør between 5 P.M. and 7 P.M.

The small Cyprus registered cargo ship Peikko (gnome in Finnish!) on its way to  Fredericia.

Peikko approaching Helsingborg.

The Danish tugboat Egesund (23m x 6m) towing a steel construction. 

Another picture of Egesund and the steel construction. 

A somewhat closer look at the Egesund.

The Dina Trader (134m x 22m) is registered in Gibralta. It was heading for St. Petersburg.

Another Gibraltar registered cargo ship, the Translontano (99m x 16m) was sailing southwards in the Sound. 

The Translontano a minute or two earlier.

The Dutch cargo vessel Varnebank (132m x 16m) was on its way to Riga.

The Maltese tanker Patani (144m x 23m) on its way to Lindø.

The Helsingborg-Helsingør ferry Mercandia IV and the DFDS cruise ferry Pearl  Seaways. 

The Cyprus registered freighter Ardea (99m x 16m) and the Danish passenger ferry  Pernille. 

The cargo ship Santa Lucia (Liberian registry, 143m x 24m). The ship's destination is Rotterdam.

The Santa Lucia seen from the sunny side.

The Maltese cargo ship Artvin (229m x 32m) and a sailing boat. Artvin is on its way to Riga.

Artvin leaving Helsingborg/Helsingør

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