Thursday, 7 March 2013

Wide angle views of Helsingborg

The Helsingborg city theater, with modern sculptures in the front.

This afternoon I received my new wide angel lens, a Tokina 11 - 16 mm F2,8 DX. Of course, I had to test it immediately.

Here is a selection of my first ever wide angle photos. Unfortunately, the light was not the best possible while I was shooting:

Ducks, gulls and two Helsingborg - Helsingør ferries departing. 
The Dunkers cultural center - a seaside view.

The Dunkers cultural center main entrance.
A somewhat closer shot of the Dunkers, with three of the rabbit sculptures in fron of the entrance.
One of the fairly new apartment buildings in the Northern Harbor.
Another apartment building in the Northern Harbor area.
The schooner Nina and part of the Helsingborg Marina.
The Helsingborg concert hall. 
The main entrance to the concert hall.

More modern art, with the concert hall in the background.
The statue of Field Marshal Magnus Stenbock , with the City Hall in the background.
The cruise ship Quest.
A closer look at the Quest.
The Helsingborg Pilot station.

I think I am going to use the Tokina quite a lot. The wide angle zoom allows you to get very close to the subject, which is nice. Of course, there is a danger that you begin to overuse this possibility.

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