Thursday, 14 March 2013

The St. Mary's in Helsingborg - the church where Buxtehude began his career as organist

Composer and organist Dieterich Buxtehude (1637 - 107), who (most likely) was born in Helsingborg (then still Danish) where his father was organist at the St. Mary's church. At the age of 20, Buxtehude also got his first full time job (1657 - 1660) as organist in the same church.

Unfortunately, the organ Buxtehude played on is not anymore in the church - it was sold in 1849 to the small Torrlösa countryside church, where it still can be found. The Maria parish has wanted to buy the organ back, without success.

The renaissance style pulpit from the early 17th century is made by the Lüneburg master Statius Otto.

But the pulpit, from which the local clergymen preached to Buxtehude as well as other locals, is still there. (It is not possible to tell anything about the quality of the preaching, but most likely it was not quite on the same level as the music performed by the church's (later) famous organist.

The main organ in the St. Mary's church is a Marcussen grand organ, 1959, with 63 registers.

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