Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Caribbean Princess in Helsingborg

The Caribben Princess "parked" in the Sound, between Helsingborg and  Helsingør  

Today there was an "invasion" of cruise visitors - more than 3000 - in Helsingborg. They arrived on board the huge Caribbean Princess (290 x 36m) which made a  stopover on its way from Copenhagen to Oslo.  Most of the visitors were American, many of them of Chinese origin. At least those I spoke with appeared to be pleased with their visit to Helsingborg, and the 7 day cruise in general. 

Some of the visitors also found the time to make a morning trip to Helsingør (Elsinore) in order to see Hamlet´s famous Kronborg castle. 

Copenhagen is of course the main destination for most cruise ships, but the "twin cities" Helsingborg and Helsingør also have a lot to offer, so let´s hope that more and more cruise ships find their way here ....

The Caribbean Princess was an imposing sight in the Sound

These guests are returning to the ship after their visit to Helsingborg
This Nepalese lady was in charge of security in the harbour 
He was the skipper on one of the motor boats shuttling between  the  Caribbean Princess and the  Helsingborg harbour
There are altogether 17 decks on the Princess
The small Belgian freighter Lazurite passing by in front of the Caribbean  Princess

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