Monday, 5 March 2012

The beauty of the French coastline

The French-German ARTE television channel continues to shine with quality programming. One of the recent favourites of mine was the 3D broadcast of a documentary showing the most beautiful coastal areas in France.

France has a combined coastline of 5.500 kilometres, with hundreds, if not thousands, of places of outstanding beauty. The makers of this documentary had chosen to highlight 20 coastal areas of particular interest. The sceneries are so beautiful that they immediately make you want to either visit or revisit the coastal pearls of France.

Here are just a couple of shots from the film, which hopefully will soon be available on blu-ray and dvd:

The French Alabaster coast in Normandy

Another view of the Alabaster coast

Pont de Normandie

The historic town of Granville

Classic yachts compete in Granville

Mont Saint-Michel

La Rochelle at night

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