Sunday, 30 January 2011

Bavaria - my favourite German state

The free State of Bavaria (Freistaat Bayern) is my favourite German state. There are many reasons for liking Bayern, but for me the most important is a mix of friendliness, great hospitality, beautiful nature, good beer and picturesque small towns. What I think is particularly nice, is that the bavarians love and are proud of their traditions - food and drink, music, dresses and many other things. The old saying "Gut´ Ding will Weile haben (Good things take time) also says something about the Bavarian lifestyle. And in Bavaria the Church still has a big role in people´s life - which I think is very important.  

Bavaria is a large state with so many interesting regions, that it is not possible to cover them all here. But if you plan a trip to Germany, remember to include Bavaria in your itinerary! These sites offer excellent information on Bavaria: 

As a personal recommendation, I would like to mention my favourite small Bavarian hotel - Neu Meran - not far from the historic Austrian city of Salzburg, in a beautiful alpine setting. This wonderful hotel - owned and operated by the Weber family - is ideal for an enjoyable and relaxing holiday, with Salzburg within a short driving distance. There are many good restaurants in the vicinity, but there is actually no need to go further, because the Neu Meran kitchen is top class.

For more information, visit the New Meran web page.

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